Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moon Elf


Take me to your lands
Hear them sing as they witness my defeat
This overwhelming stream, almost tangible void
Highest flames weep their words

Be my forsaken, crawl the roads in vain
Eyes staring at the mournful horizon

No betrayal, I drown in the forever closure of light
With infinite void I am one

Be my forsaken, crawl the roads in vain
Eyes staring at the mournful horizon

In this precious moment, where the unknown reveals
A requiem for my soul sings the eternal rest of my heart

Requiem by Lethian Dreams

I am currently drifting in between worlds. The real one and the whimsical one that molds and folds to my wishes. I am so happy that I can finally gather that and put it on paper since I have not felt the ink of my pen smudging my fingers for quite some time. 
What calms your thoughts?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is it sin, which makes the worm a chrysalis, and the chrysalis a butterfly, and the butterfly dust?

Spring has finally showed its alluring face and I can already feel the breeze of revival brushing in through my open window. Unfortunately, I cannot yet cherish it as I would like to since the veils of stress and uneasiness have covered me in layers too tight to remove. That is mainly the reason why I have been away from the cyberspace for such a long time. Amends are in place and starting by the end of next week I will be back in force!

Trying to get a hold on the whole blooming mood all around me, I have alloyed my characteristic dim palette with grey shades and butterfly prints! If that does not scream "Spring", I don't know what does! :)

I have always loved these beautiful creatures and they never fail to form a sense of tranquility within me no matter the circumstances. 
And speaking of tranquility and a sense of well being, an old habit that I've neglected recently is reading. Fortunately, Bucharest is a city in which you can find perfectly good books with very few coin! One of my latest finds is Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's "The Key".

Source: Tumblr

I am interested in finding out what you lovelies have been up to! 
Has Spring drifted your way yet?